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Express Küchen

Express kitchens

everything. simply. excellent.

System 15 simply makes it really easy for you to design your new kitchen quickly and well. All you need is a sheet of graph paper and a pencil. The heights of drawers, pull-outs and units develop in increments of 15 cm, as do the widths, with additional in-between dimensions. So use a square to represent 15 x 15 cm – and off you go!

Fronts and carcases can be selected from various programmes in contemporary colours and designs. You can combine them as you please – and you’ll find you have even more storage space than with other kitchens.

Drawers and pull-outs are available with various features to provide plenty of space for kitchen utensils. Electrical appliances fit precisely. Working heights can be adapted ergonomically and individually.

This makes sure your kitchen is always perfect in form and function, with lines clearly structured in height and width. Practical organisation systems mean that everything is always in its place. Preparing food and cooking are easy, so you can relax more.


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